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Lets get OT’s on the Honours list!!!

Recently I saw a small post in the OT news promoting the need for more OT’s to be nominated to receive an honour such as an OBE or MBE. The honours system is out there for people who are not in the public eye who give valuable services to be recognised. Nominees will usually have made life better for other people or have been outstanding at what they do. An honours award is for those who are making a difference in their community, long term voluntary service, work, innovation, entreneurship, changing things with an emphasis on achievement, improving life for people less able to help themselves and displaying moral courage and vision in making and delivering through choice.

As you can see this is a grat opportunity for you to nominate any of your OT friends or family. As OT’s our main aim is always to strive to be the best we can be for our client to introduce positive change for a better quality of life. ┬áThere are two opportunities each year, with lists published in the New Year and on the Queens official birthday in June,

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